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“For me, Li’l folks was like a home away from home, where I would spend my time after school while both my parents finished working.  It was a place where I could play cricket and football, where I could take keyboard lessons and where there was always something to do. It was also a place where I could make friendships that would last for 20 years. Most importantly, it was a place where I was made to feel like one of the family.”

Some children are going to get lucky just like we got lucky when Little Folks was created in 1999. I am so excited to know that Little Folks is getting launched again. It's a great honor and privilege for me to write this testimonial for my institute. I feel lucky to be a member of the LF alumni! I’m a single child of a single parent, hence I was pampered a lot. Now, I am 16 and still refuse to live without my mom, but Lil’ Folks was one place where I felt like home. What I am, how I talk, how I walk, how I behave is all because of Lil’ Folks. Little folks gave me a lot and asked nothing in return, it gave me unconditional love, great friends and unforgettable memories. Most importantly, it gave me my god mother, Preeti mumma. I can never thank little folks and Preeti mom enough for whatever they did and made me what I am today.

“It is commonly said that schooling lays the foundation stone of the personality that an individual finally embraces. While this remains uncontested, Little Folks added a new dimension to this notion of schooling. To me, it was that essential cog in the entire scheme of things, which made the quintessential schooling enjoyable, enriched and truly formative. From imbibing discipline and social skills to a sense of independence and responsibility, Little Folks completed that mandatory checklist of arsenals that as a young child I and my sister were supposed to have. "Preeti Aunty", as we all addressed her, epitomized an ideal teacher, who was stern when we were indisciplined, loving and caring at all times, and in our growing years, a friend, a mentor and a guide. She symbolized a motherly figure who shielded us and exposed us to the 'big bad world' at all the right times. The environment was ideal for me to take off, and aim for the skies; encouraging, motivating, with the right amount of protection. The values and ethos it rubbed off on me have stayed, and made me a better person. Completed graduation in B.Com (Hons) from SRCC, University of Delhi and currently preparing for the civil services.”

“There is always that one place from where you start off, your first home away from home. For me it was Li'l Folks Pre School. A place where you meet your first friends, a place where you're free to explore your imagination and creativity and a place which helps in nurturing it. That's from where I started and after that did my schooling in Delhi itself, then it was my B.E. in Information Technology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore and currently I'm in Hyderabad working as a Software Engineer at a multi-national consulting firm. 20 years have passed and it seems as if it was just yesterday. I have a long road ahead of me but I carry all the memories and I'll never forget where I come from. And, I personally feel that every child should get an exposure like I did at Li'l Folks Pre School so that he/she will always cherish that their start was a good one.”

“I was at Little Folks from the age of 5 to about 7-8. It was like a second home for me. I would go after school and spend the evening playing with kids my own age and participate in extracurricular activities. It's a place I learnt how to dance and play the keyboards, a place where I learnt how to eat dahi and palak, a place that gave me some of my oldest friends who are today like family. Even now after so many years, that Little Folks connection stays strong and brings back the fondest memories!”

I may be very blurred in my memories of my ‘Little Folks’ days because I was all of 2 years old then. But I do hear from my parents how safe they felt about me when they dropped me there every morning and how important a role Preeti Aunty played in my grooming. Me and all my friends from little folks made it to great schools and I thank Preeti Aunty and everyone else there who contributed so warmly to our childhood and gave us a home outside of home. 

Going to Lil Folks continues to be one of my loveliest memories from childhood. My sister Harini and I spent more than a year at Li’l folks when our parents first moved to Delhi and even now I remember the amazing love and care we received from Preeti aunty and all the Didis at Lil folks. Everyday without fail one of our Didi's would pick us up from the bus stop, after school, take us to the creche, ensure we were well fed and well looked after. We made lovely friends there and often participated in fun activities such as dance, drama, singing etc, that kept us occupied and taught us a thing or two. In fact the first Sound of music song I learnt was at Lil folks while practicing for a performance and it is probably the only song I know all the lyrics to even today! I believe my first ever dance lesson was also at Li’l Folks!  I know that the security of Lil folks was the main reason my mom and dad could both continue to work. But for me it was just another wonderful, safe and loving home away from home. 

The Little Folks crèche having being set-up by Preeti aunty has undoubtedly been the most amount of fun I could have had in my formative years. The crèche had a warm and loving atmosphere, in which children of all ages would play and learn. The crèche also gave school going children a chance to complete their homework before commencing play with the other kids in the evening. Little Folks would go even further in making sure the child was safe, secure and happy. The helping ladies working at the crèche would very diligently pick up the various children from the different bus stops and bring them into the crèche for a light lunch and nap before heading off back to their respective homes towards the end of the day.

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