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Siddharth was the first child to join Li'l Folks at the tender age of 2. Today, 21 years later, he is doing his PhD in Mathematics at MIT, USA. His journey of 21 years has been deeply influenced by the formative years in the care ofLi’l Folks. From his love for music to his reserved but deeply affectionate demeanor to his deep friendships; all of them were seeded at this Institution. The care, the love and affection that Preeti and her staff lavished on the child Siddharth, coupled with the fun-filled developmental activities at Li'l Folks have contributed at a foundational level towards making the secure, confident, values-driven and successful adult Siddharth we see today. We, Meenu and Venki, can never thank Li'l Folks enough for all this and more! We are sure there are more kids like Siddharth and their parents who echo our sentiments and many more who are to come under LiL Folk’s tender loving care who will feel much the same.
With much love and best wishes to Preeti and the new staff of Li'l Folks!

“It was coz of little folks that I had the confidence to move to Delhi for Mumbai in a nuclear family set up. Still remember the reassuring email that Preeti sent out to me n Surabhi, just a little above 4 years then. It was at Li’L Folks that Surabhi made her first set of friends in Delhi, who made her 5th birthday celebrations unforgettable. It was at Li’l Folks that my kids went up on stage first time and brought tears to my eyes with their amazing performances. When I wanted to resume work post my sabbatical, I sent my younger daughter to Li’L Folks as a pre school. It was at little folks where Preeti made sure that my girls had spinach! It was Preeti who brought out the best in the children she took care of. She remains a foster mom to my daughters even today, after 14 years.”

“Little Folks – A home created by Great Minds for our most precious little ones, a great booster for all young mothers who wish to pursue their career aspirations, albeit with secure and trustworthy options for their kids! A place that has the warmth and care of a home, food that is prepared hygienically with ‘tadka’ of love, loving hands that tuck you in for a  nap, firm hands that force you to down a glass of milk every evening, reliable hands that give you medicines when unwell and most importantly a very safe nest that every parent can count on! Well of this and much more is what Little Folks was for my little one – Zain. He was all of 2 when I dropped him at ‘Preeti Auntys’ and his trail of wails reverberated in my ears for the entire day and for several days till I realized that the cries quietened the moment I left the premise, and were more of a blackmail for me than real panic! I saw this little, shy child transform into a confident, chirpy and effervescent bundle of energy. He started to speak in great English, and came out with flying colours in every interview he gave, and made it to DPS East of Kailash, a very valued destination for most little ones! Today as Zain gears up to pursue his career aspiration of becoming a Sound Engineer and as I reflect upon my own life journey, I know for a fact that Little Folks has been greatly instrumental in shaping it! Heartening to see you back in action!”

My son’s (Nilesh’s) earlier day care shut down with no notice one evening as I went to pick him up after work.  It was in this dazed state that I went to meet Preeti early next morning.  As she came to greet me with a smile at the door of “Little Folks”, I wondered why the lady was wearing a light shawl in July?  Was she unwell?  The mysterious shawl opened to reveal a tiny inquisitive face peeping at me from the confidence and comfort of Preeti’s arm.  The young baby girl was a little under the weather and it was her first day at Little Folks.  I breathed a sigh of relief – if it was OK for a 7 month old, then Little Folks would be OK for my rather naughty two-year old too!  My now six-footed 23-year old son, spent 10 years at Little Folks from age 2 to age 12 and fondly speaks of holding a “Little Folks alumni meet”.  Thank you, Little Folks!”

God could not be everywhere so he created mothers. And these days mothers can’t be everywhere so Little Folks was created. For Deepak and me Little Folks was more than just professional services. It was about building relationships. I t was about trust, love, security, safety and creative engagement for our only baby girl, Malika. All our apprehensions were laid to rest when we saw our baby, who was all of 6 months, settle in most peacefully and comfortably under the able care of Preeti and her staff. The constant connect with the day care centre kept us updated, even when we were at work, through text messages and calls. So much so that Malika was reluctant to come back home, so happy was she to be in good care and with so many friends. Little Folks is a God send to working mothers and to parents looking forward to a seamless transition from home to Pre school and day care. LF is a place where child care is next to mother care.

My son went to Preeti’s Pre School and Day Care Centre from the age of 2 until 7. And the only reason he stopped going there was because we moved out of the country. Little children tell you how they feel about a place not in words but with actions and Atreya’s actions that told me he was happy and well taken care of was his happiness at wanting to go there every day. He made his best friends (Nanha) and had his first stage performance(dancing to Satyam Shivam Sundaram in a dhoti and not much else) at Little Folks.
As a mother I was stress free and confident that my little boy was safe and happy because he was in Preeti’s care. Atreya, today is 21 and studying Environment Management in Germany. He was an officer in the Singapore Army until last year.

The first challenge that working parents in a nuclear family construct face is who looks after their children while they're busy at their workplaces, during the crucial formative years of the children. Little Folks, came to us as a one stop solution for all our problems. It was in the vicinity, offered flexibility and above all, offered a great environment where our children enjoyed and never complained. They looked forward to it everyday, and the quintessential guilt that parents usually face while dropping their kids off to a crèche, immediately dissipated. Little Folks, through its myriad activities, kept both, the parents and their kids, proactively engaged. There were guidance sessions, counseling and also annual cultural programmes. The support rendered by Little Folks Play School during the admission process of our children in schools made the hitherto daunting task a cakewalk. What our children learnt at Little Folks, was reflected in school as well. The teachers praised their values, social skills and they secured an edge over their peers. We are grateful to the mutually beneficial partnership that we had with Little Folks, spanning almost 15 years.  It heartens us that this wonderful project is starting another phase and we wish Little Folks 2.0 a successful future.

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